New Arrivals!:)

The New Arrivals are here!! I have bought them all.. once again.

Le Shop has gotten “Luxury Items” i think Fantage likes to make things sound rare… when they’re not. They just took more time to make..

Only an awesome long, black top for members.

“Luxury Items” at Stellar Salon too.

Gosh, why can’t nons have long hair? They give us badly designed, short hair. That’s my opinion.

I mean, have you seen the hair? It’s so square.(Whoa, rhyme there.)

Wow, the Board Shop got “Luxury Items”, why am I not surprised?:)

I like the cityscape board. This new crown board looks really cool. It’s got purple and gold.

Here’s all the new stuff for non-members:

I think I look pretty good, actually. :mrgreen:


One thought on “New Arrivals!:)

  1. O.O They’re REALLLY Expensive, too. 13,000 stars… Poof. o.o Dizzywood i now have 40,000+ coins..
    bliss~on dizzywood I have this one glitch where whenever I click a move scroll it gives my 100 coins… I had a lot of coins. Idk the fantage prices.. I always have like 2000 stars and play games A LOT so I can buy the new stuff fantage only gives us like three things every two months..

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