OMG OMG OMG!! I was finally able to log back in!!(For those of you who don’t know, I made this a Fantage blog cuz Dizzywood wouldn’t let me log in)

For some reason I am only able to log in from different computer accounts. I can’t log in from MY computer account. So I won’t be able to go back on Dizzywood. Dizzywood hasn’t changed since the Color War… boring.

Like my mansion? yes, i got to keep it since my membership expired. same with my morpher and the trill cuz of a party which i won in.

5 thoughts on “Dizzywood

  1. Lolz Bliss u know her…Maplewood is AnimalCrossingWi on fantage u know…I also see ur comments on her site
    bliss~I meant I don’t know her on Dizzywood. I don’t remember seeing her Dizzywood person. Or knowing her on Dizzywood

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