Ancient Artifact ll Mini-Games Help

For the first mini-game you have to push down the right combination of step block thingies. Make them look like this:

The next mini-game. You have to jump these pillar-things.

Use the letters that spell “N-I-N-J-A”.

Now see the guy say “I’ve been expecting you…” lol like in the movies in the really comfy chairs.. you don’t know? oh ok.

Fight the monkeys.

all you do is just click around to “smashes” them… once again fantage, wrong.

yeah, you should be scared. I got mad ninja skills.

And a pirate under my control. Let’s pretend that pirate is me. ARRGGH! Yesterday was national talk like a pirate day… cool. AYE MATEYS!

Now you can buy the monkey board.


Comment any thoughts!

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