NEW PETS (and walking feature)

hey ppl slushiebear here (: well this week theres this new thing where you can walk your pets…. its basically pointless….. well yeah you get to show off your pets… BUT NONS HAVE NONE…. so its pointless for nons…. 😀 mhmmm..

oh and theres new pets out soon….

they look the same…except i think the first ones cute (: but doesnt the fourth one look like kirby? but just sadder? oh and for the ppl who dont kno who kirby is:

kinda? sorta? not really? yea… well after i put up the picture its not that alike…. 😀 well yah you get the point… and the white thing looks familiar… just dont kno exactally what… i think fantage is really running out of ideas, and turning it into a pet world…. theres like 194892481 different pet families…


Comment any thoughts!

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