so theres this new pet update! now starting thursday (the thirtieth) you can give your pet treats. im not totally sure, but fantage says that you can just look around the fantage world for treats (when your walking the pet) so yeah! im thinking members only for this… but im not totally sure. oh and also, if your pet eats a treat, you get stars for it! (ikr free stars!) oh and if you bring out the feathers pet family, then you get more stars then just a regular pet (like cosmo for example) im pretty sure this is just for the newest pet family they have. also, you get this medal for feeding your pet. everytime you feed the pet, the medal level gets higher. so thats it! enjoy eating! … that souds like a weird ending… how bout enjoy eating treats! (soooo cheesy) 

I KNO. dont tell me the picture is blurry. i know that.

UPDATE: i just checked the blog, and i have more news 😀

okie ppl so its almost fall right? well fantage is changing the background! (its about time) I LUV FALL! luv the colors (: well yeah… theres gonna be leaved everywhere~! lol  (: heres a sneak peak: 


oh and also, i know i already told you guys this, but theres a new button for the enlarge thing. i dont think its that great cuz it just makes it blury, but fantage can do whatever it wants. 😀 nobody cares what i think.

Comment any thoughts!

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