Vintage Classics

The old items are coming back!

I hope they bring back the orange propeller beanie and party hat cuz my older account has that and idk how i even got it lol.

It’s Fall!! Or Autumn!! Whichever way you call it, it’s getting closer to Christmas!! Well, okay Halloween then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Then New Year’s! Lol ok I’m getting way too far ahead 😛 SUMMER!!


Oh and the treats are out for your pets.

I’ve gotten zero treats today!! How about YOU? Lol that sounded like the main character in a kids’ tv show 😀 . I hear they get paid well… lotsa money. Might wanna look into that.. lol.


24 thoughts on “Vintage Classics

  1. when does vintage classics come out? i know, bliss, that you don’t know, but when you do know, will you please tell me? just comment on my comment saying when it comes out, when you know. Thanks! Great site, btw!! I love this place! 🙂

  2. so if ur wondering when vintage is coming out its next week. I know this cus my mom is friends with the maker of fantage and said that it was comin out next week or that if he cant get to it it will be before or after halloween!

    bliss~Lol cool and thanks.


  4. when will teh short blond hair be out that sways PLZ TELL ME IM DYING TO GET IT!

    bliss~I don’t think that hair will come out anytime soon. It was a luxury limited item soo it’s not very likely it’ll ever come back. Fantage said it would only be available for a limited time and would never come back so.

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