theres new homes out! and this time theyre actually cool! so this week, theres theese two new homes, a trailer, and a bus (sorray members only ppl; i kno, i want them too)

so for the trailer, it comes with a kitchen stove, and refrigerator. theres two floors,  but its REALLY expensive (cuz its a so called, luxury home)

this is how it looks like on the outside:

and on the map it looks like this:

okie so for the second home (the bus) its a two story bus, also with two floors. inside, theres nothing much, except for that it looks like a shuttle bus, or one of those travel buses. (its not a luxury item, so its cheaper!

in the outside:

and on the map:

theres also new furniture out for the houses! normally, the furnitures just match the homes, and this time is just the same. its kitchen stuffs for the trailer, and seat like couches for the bus.


Comment any thoughts!

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