Let’s Dance!

Hiya ppl of everywhere! At school, we can “Play Live Maths” against other schools. I call myself LetsDance. (you can’t put spaces) For my pic, I put a bunny rabbit. Anyway, did you know that as a non, civic princess is lvl 190!!! I know. o.o Wow. I’m lvl 57. I’m working on it.

Bye ppl!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Dance!

  1. You’re very lucky and talented. I’m just a level 30.. working on it! lol. I’ve started doing Writer’s Den thingy and entering comics to boost my level up 😆 . FREE LEVELS!!

  2. Wow you’re so high! I’m only level 38 as a non xD I’m doing the fanart, and the comic, and the writer’s den, well everything 🙂
    I was 37 in October, but my comics won’t come but others do so I can’t get into the comet for comics… anyway that’s high 🙂

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