Dictionary mode xD . Bliss and candyfloss45 got in the coment =D . Im still working to get into member of the month/week. Can’t you get in (higher chances) if you have a higher level? i used “higher” 2 times in a sentance ^.^. Im level.. 632 :mrgreen: . So awesome ish.

~maple the awesome ruler (no im not a classroom supply..)


5 thoughts on “Cuhn-gratz-yoo-lay-shun

  1. At first I was like what? you said i got in the coment so i was like did i win your 1000 comment thing with candyfloss or something? but then i started thinking it through more and i was like ohhh then OH!! lol yay i won!! see, this is where spelling counts:P lol im just teasing.

  2. o.o my amazing spelling skills ^.^

    If i was a non I’d be……..
    Member… level…. 632 :mrgreen:
    Non level…. 49 😀

  3. Whoa you actually counted the non-member medals+levels? I would be too lazy to do that.
    Whoa theres this new thing. If you hover over the pictures(with wordpress accounts) on the recent comments(gravatars) their name and bio shows up. I’m the only one with a short bio and personal link:P nvm taylorswiftfan has one too:D

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