Some Wild Rumble Tips

NOTE: If you’re a non-member and haven’t bought any pets with Magic Codes, don’t worry:) You can still battle. You’ll be given the default family which is the Pebbles Family. I don’t think they’re like amazing but you can still battle.

Ok so go to Pet Town and click Wild Rumble!

Either start a battle or Join one.

You basically click a pet then go below and click an action then click the opponent you want to do that to or the pet you want to protect/heal.

You each get seven turns.

I lost on my first game cuz of the advantage of pets and my inexperience but i won my second game 😀


Any questions? Want further tips or help or confused? Tell me and I’ll try to help:)


3 thoughts on “Some Wild Rumble Tips

  1. question: how do you hide your actions in wild rumble?

    bliss~I don’t think you can? Maybe it’s a power-up? (I haven’t played it in a long time so I don’t know.)

    • now, if you counter or protect on your turn, it automatically hides your actions. you can’t hide your actions if you attack, steal, heal, or cast a spell.

  2. i know how to play but i dont get how you win or lose
    is it is because you run out of turns how do u get them in the first place

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