New Limited Items

They’re brown and remind me of a turkey.

Beethoven? Marie Antoinette? Lol jk that does NOT look like Marie Antoinette. I read a book about her and was upset when I found out they cut her head just because she was inexperienced in being a queen and people didn’t like it when she spent all the country’s money on luxuries… I would’ve said who’s to blame? The people that should’ve taught her right from wrong, not herself. Lol sorry, got a little caught in history there.


The guillotine o.o

5 thoughts on “New Limited Items

  1. OMG!! u read Marie Antoinette’s story??? I love that story!! sigh… i just love history was in peter who she married??? hmm?? i read other stories like about Catherine princess of russia.. Marie Antionette’s last words are “sorry monsieur” (something something) and it happend when she was getting executed thosewords she said when she tripped over her executioners feet… i mean it wasnt her fault she wasnt thaught about ruling only ettiquettes… oh dear i babbled too long lol forgive me 😀

    • I think it was Louis she married. Me too! I read like all the Royal Diaries books in elementary school, are those the books you read? I love history that’s my favorite series i think. Yeah she had stepped on the person who was escorting her to the guillotine. Cool lol it’s okay history is AWESOME.

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