Fantage Trendsetters

It’s super easy if you own some rare items(non-members) and even easier for members, just buy limited items. Go to the Hall of Fame and click the Trendsetters thing and if you’re wearing some then you’ll get the medal.

Medal only shows up if you’re a member. It’ll be gray-ey on your Medals page in your IDFone.



8 thoughts on “Fantage Trendsetters

  1. Hey bliss, i was wondering how do you get the COSTUME/OUTFIT because i got the medal and i saw some people wearing the outfit so how do you get the outfit?

    bliss~You have to be a member and own ALL of the rare/limited time items available. It’ll say how many you have out of the number available.

  2. I own majority of the luxury items except 9. I currently have 111 items, and I need 167. I have all the wizards items. What am I missing? Any clue.

  3. Well… Holiday items? I dont have all of them… And I have all holiday items? I dont know if they count though.. I only have 145.. :-]

    • You need to be a member to be able to view it. It should turn up gray in your IDFone section. If you still can’t see it, I suggest that maybe Fantage was glitching for you and it might work if you log out and try again.

  4. Heyy Bliss! Luv ur blog and do u kno how many rare items it takes to get 30%??? Im trying to get to 30% but i only hav like 3% 😦

    bliss~I’m sorry, no. I don’t know. I don’t play Fantage anymore.

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