so theres a new limited item event! FRI TO MON (10/8-10/11) so get them now! this time, i have to admit, theese arent bad 😀 theres a keyboard (animated) and this new costume (i have a feeling its cleopatra or something)  if you buy the WHOLE package, you get a 30% discount. idk for the guys… sorray ): if you guys really want me to post for guys, comment plz cuz i dont think i get any guy viewers…

Girls' Items!

actually i find it funny cuz they said that its a REALLY CHEAP sale! but its not… 2,000 dollars for a board? 3,000 for a costume? i dont think its worth it… but thats my opinion xD

well tahts it! i just made cookies…. i added too much salt… so nwo theyre salty cookies XDDDDDD so yeah…. 😀 have an awesome weekend!


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