Well, as you can see..

free graphic for myspaceHiya ppl of everywhere! I’m getting better, I think… If you can’t get the Trendsetter medal, just go to a low server. Tra Laa! That easy. For homework, we had to do a poster about WW2. The WW2… Ummmm… That’s About It!!!


P.S-I’m on the chat!!

7 thoughts on “Well, as you can see..

  1. Your picture is HUGE!! Lol and ww2??? World War Two??! OMG I’ve never learned about that lucky! I can’t wait till we get closer-right now we’re on the end of the Revolutionary War:P

  2. Luckies. Every year we learn a new continent:P
    In seventh grade we have to know every single country in the world.<Why do we need to know that? haha I got 100%(nerd…)
    We haven't gotten to OUR country. I can't wait for WW2!! Too bad we go in order and I have to wait till the end of the year. I love the Civil War and the Depression. And ancient greek. Happy Columbus Day! Let's celebrate by walking into someone's yard and claiming it as ours!!:D not…

  3. ROFLROFLROFL. I started laughing and my daddy was like.. what the heck are you laughing at. I said i like waffles. In 5th Grade we had to know all the states &capitals.. Easy 😀 I dont like to be called a nerd… i throw a pen at people who do though >:D

  4. Oh oh! In fifth grade we learned a song and I still know it. It says all the states in alphabetical order. Here goes!
    Alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas,california, colorado, conneticutt, delaware, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, illinois, indiana! iowa, kansas, ken-tucky, loui-si-ana, main, maryland, massachusetts, michigan! minnisota, mississippi, missouri, montana! ne-bras-kaaa! nevaaa-daa! new hampshire, new jersey, new-mexico! new york! north carolina north dakota o-hi-o! oklahoma, oregon, pennnsylvania, rhode island southcarolina south dakota, tenn-ess-ee texas!!! utah, vermont, virginia, washington, west-virginia, wisconsin, wy-ooo-ming!

    Too bad you missed me singing it. I totally rock! again, not really…
    and lol i tell them to be nice to nerds. they’re gonna be your boss someday.(-bill gates, biggest nerd of all:D)

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