New Arrivals Out Now!

Are you kidding me Fantage? First the Nutty Brown Hair now this Almond-thing??

Ugh! Fantage is getting soo unfair right now! I just noticed they took away my awesome shoes!!

Oh my gosh!! They took away my awesome striped board too! Wth? And it’s for members now?!

Nom Nom Nom shirt for non-members available at Wizard’s Domain(FINALLY) What now, Fantage? Are you gonna say, “Oh wait–let’s give that to members!” and take it too? Huh? HUH?


P.s. Fantage is also saying the Elvis hair is new… which it’s not.

P.s.s. I’m sorry. I got a little too angry and fed up with Fantage. Please excuse my attitude.

Left is all the new items, right is my new main outfit.


5 thoughts on “New Arrivals Out Now!

  1. o_o! Seriously!!!! The flower sandals WERE For members.. and then nons… and now members again.. Red high heels were for nons… but not now… what next will they take away? I am sooooo gonna be p*ssed if they bring back the car and vacuum board… But the rares WERENT Limited items (like 5,000 only..).. … … … …

    • I wasn’t aware of the shoe thing. I haven’t been playing Fantage(I first spelled that Fanrage..) that long. I hope Fantage doesn’t turn bad like DW cuz everythings for members. I still think Fantage went too far.. taking something we rightfully owned? And charging us? Whoa. History flashback… Taxation without Representation o.o it’s WAR.

  2. OMG!!! WUT?!!!???
    For members?
    Yup. I knew it. Fantage is gunna be unfair sometime!
    Fantage cannot do this! That means Non-members only have two Pair of Shoes/Slippers! First we had four and even FOUR Pairs we’rent] enough!
    Fine shoes/slippers/sneakers etc…
    are not that important unless in a Fashion Show but I hope they take away no clothes, Hairstyles, Costumes, Boards…
    Anyhow I hope not Costumes but Our costumes are not that awesome anywayz -_-‘
    Sorry about that…

    bliss~I totally agree. Nons have 3 pairs now; I used to have 5. And they did take away boards. They took away my black&yellow striped board. It’s for members now. You can probably see my frustration.

  3. ROFLROFLROFL. 5th grade memories. No taxation without representation o.o

    bliss~We didn’t learn about that till 7th grade… all elementary was about our state; capital, trees, and all that other stuff. State history and bla bla.

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