Lol funny title. Well, Fantage gave me back my items. So I can wear them again. And the black&yellow striped board is for non-members again.

Thank you, Fantage.


Quick Contest!

It’s so ingeniously easy. I got these outta Fantage too. Pretty cool huh? I’m getting better at editing. πŸ˜€

Guess the word.


9 thoughts on “Justice

  1. owl city. πŸ™‚

    bliss~Yup. The reward is one rare sticker(three rares for a normal contest, but this was a ‘quick contest’). If you want the reward you need to meebo me your account info. and tell me if you want your picture up on the ‘Contest Winner’ page.

  2. The word is–
    OWL CITY!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW U read minds! Long time ago I was thinkin’ of doin’ a contest like this! xD!!
    You are an AWESOME Mind reader! xD[I was just to lazy or forgetful to make teh contest xD]
    I got the Idea frum the Indian Cartoon Netwrok πŸ˜€

    bliss~Lol I am gifted.(xD) and yeah you got it.

  3. In the add they showed us a hint-
    The showed us a Pic of a Car and a Dog
    It makes CARPET! That’s how I got zeh Ideah! xD Still too lazy to make that contest…

    bliss~Laziness is a disease; cure yourself! Lol I searched up ‘laziness’ and it said it was a disease so I made up that last partxD. I could n’t have guessed that. I’d be like “cardog??”

  4. Lazyness is the Mother of all bad habids, But since she is your mother you should RESPECT her! πŸ˜†
    I thought it was “Cardog” myself xD I am like HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF IT’S A PET! YOU SHOWED A PIC OF A DOG FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! xD

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