oO! the party is ON! so theres two total events, one game, and many limited items! 😀

so first, for the limited items. its just like normal, its for members. so you get the items by clicking on this person in uptown/downtown/beach.

*sorray if some of theese pics are sorta blury… the computer i normally use for pics is not working today.. so i used a different one.. and this one stretches the pics… sorray!*

thats a weird name…


okie! so thats it for the items.

next, theres the two events! for the ghost hunt, its like all the fantage parties… you look for something around the fantage world. in this case, its the ghosts.

to start the game: click on this farmer dude

and press start game.

here are the cheats, since this is a cheats site 😀

1. forest, on top of bubble bug.

2. carnival, in front of the arcade


3. beach, on the dock where jelly fishin is


4. lighthouse (which is still summery)


5. creature arena, ontop of shop.


6. kinda obvious… (mt fantage) next to boxy.


7. forest, in front of wizards domain.

well thats it! so after you get all the ghosts, you go play type boo (thats what they tell you_

okie, well this step is pretty easy. you dont hafta try at all to win the game, just play some of it. dont worry.. my score was 29 D:

well after that, you get theese awesome tshirts, and for mems, theese cool floating ghost things. 😀

also, you can keep playing for stickers.  😀

okie well thats it for this game. the other one is the giant pumpking one agiain! (the same as last year)

well here are the instructions for the newbies 😀

to start the game, just click on the pumpkin!

well thats it! 😀 this is one of the easiest games to play 😀 u just clikc and watch urself get rich! i really needed this game.. cuz when i got hacked all my stars were gone… perfect game to earn them all back uP! 😀 byeee


HOW TO PLAY: you go to every shop in all of fantage (SHOPS ONLY) and you answer each question! (to get the question, click on that person who looks like theyre in a costume, and is normally not there) 😀 here are the shops that you can get the questions at:

ANSWERS FOR QUESTIONS (these arent in order, so im sorray for that theyre all shuffled..well this time its alittle different, cuz the questions arent all the same for each person/shop. so im sorray i dont have the person who gave me the question cuz its gnna be differnt for you… so theese are all the questions that came to me, but if theres other questions i didnt get, PLEASE tell me so i can post the cheatse up for that question!



Comment any thoughts!

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