Fantage Ghost Hunt Help

Fantage Ghost Hunt Help, Answers, Tips , Cheats.

Go Downtown and next to the Star Cafe and Welcome sign there should be a farmer, click him and click “Start Ghost Hunt”.

You can find a ghost at Mt. Fantage.

Another at the Carnival.

Another at the Lighthouse. P.S. Hover over the seastar(NOT starfish) and you’ll get a surprise;)

Another at the Creature Area.

Another at the Forest.

Another at Wizard’s Domain.

Another at Pet Town.

Now comes the fun part:) . Type Booo!! I got 26380 D: .

And you get this black ghost shirt that says BOO.

Sorry I’m so late, I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to do the missions.


Update: I just noticed sushi had already posted this before…heh heh… oops. So if you want the pictures(I’m too lazy) go check out the post below by my hard worker.(


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