Happy Halloween

Hey guys! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween! It’s celebrated today since it ended up this year on a Sunday. Did you guys hear about the new law? Kids over 12(teens) aren’t allowed to trick-or-treat or else they’ll be fined $100. I think it’s stupid. So this year I’m gonna just give away candy since if i trick-or-treat I’ll be breaking the law D:(I’m 13). I think because of this law there are gonna be way more felonies and accidents and violence since we won’t have anything else to do so teens will be scaring little children, all cause of this new law:/
I’ll try to have fun and spread the joy of candy!! I hope all of you who celebrate it have fun, get scared, and earn lotsa candy!

P.S if you were wondering what I WAS gonna be it was Cleopatra:) I found this really cool crown thing with gold beads hanging down, plus I have black hair which I’ll be straightening to look the part:) I’ll be the Cleopatra handing out candy.


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