Yup, the rocket suits have come out.

Yup, thats me.

and thanks.

Yup it snowed today!!!:)

Yup every sentence is going to start with “yup” cuz of the title”.

Yup I’m listening to the radio.

Yup I heard a joke today. Yup you wanna hear it:) (more like read it D: that didn’t start with yup” all well… I’m done with that)

Ok so we had a sub today(haha which means I changed my name to my friends’ and we switched seats:P) and he said that Californians call almonds, “amonds” cuz when they fall, they get the “l” knocked out of them. If you don’t get it, it’s ok. Not everyone should…


Is this true? “amonds”…sounds weird.


2 thoughts on “Yup

  1. amonds? i dont remember saying almonds at all o.o i dont like nuts.. except when they are in chocolate… im … 18 hours ahead of california time right now… *sniff* someone d-e-a-d… ;_;

    bliss~I love chocolate-covered peanuts. I’m sad now… I hope everyone’s alright at a time like that… don’t worry, be happy. :’)

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