The Lost Pumpkin

Aww looks like someone got left behind.

I’ve seen more too. Fantage should have turkeys running around… going GOBBLE.

I played badminton at school today:D totally owned.

Won a chocolate bar for good grades, no detention, and no tardys (nerd…).

I’m at a really great part of a book. Isi’s been killed D: . They’re reviving her right now o.o .

Summary: these four girls have powers. In order: wind and fire, fire and wind, none; water and fire, people-speaking.

They’re realllly good. Shannon Hale is awesome. The BEST books ever… well except for Gail Carson Levine. Now she knows how to write. No wait– so does Margaret Peterson Haddix. I’m waiting on the third book, Sabotaged, from the Missing Books series. Seriously, these are the best writers of all time! Well, in my opinion.


I’m still reading the Twilight series. No offense, but they are not very good in my opinion lol. Very boring, I’ll finish reading them…sometime. But there are way better books in line to be read by me.



3 thoughts on “The Lost Pumpkin

  1. I’ve only read The book of a thousand days..the Twilight series is soooooooo boring and in Book 1 when they suddenly changed it until bella goes into the ballet studio and gets bitten…that was really confusing

    bliss~Lol yeah.

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