500th Post

‘ello everyone! This is my 500th post! Idk if that’s good or bad…but it’s a cool number!!

Today I finally saw some guy members.

Nothing new going on… Eid Mubarak! As TSF had posted earlier. If you don’t know what it is, it is a muslim holiday that means Blessed Festival/May you enjoy the blessed festival. Fasting and a feast! I think today’s the last day.

Happy Holidays! Next week is Thanskgiving Break for me. I have four tests coming up on Thursday in every core class…fun. But on Friday we get to go bowling! The whole eighth grade gets to skip out the last day before Thanksgiving  Break. Last year we had the same thing, but for Winter Break. The concession stand ran out of Monsters last year…that’s not a good sign lol. I got a strike once last year. Good thing we had the gutter bumpers on cuz if we didn’t we would’ve gotten gutter balls the whole time lol.


UPDATE: I’d also like to thank everyone who came whether to post negative or positive comments:) You guys gave me +1 view and +1 comment:D

September was the busiest  month in my blog’s HISTORY. Check this out, over 10,000 views:)

So thank you!

3 thoughts on “500th Post

  1. OMG COOL and that was realy kind of the eid post…MOST ppl wont do that

    bliss~thank you I like spreading joy and am interested in different cultures/religions:)

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