New Arrivals:)

I’m happy because finally, non-members got some new furniture. A GIANT LEAF! I bought like 4. :mrgreen:

New costumes too. None for non-members. Lol look at this: none-non, non-none. Hmm no wonder.

My computer is taking forever to load the catalog. English is so weird. I’m pretty sure it’s “catalogue” :/ guess not.

Does           not        look                   right              ^^

Lol this is hilarious. A while ago when I logged in, I was looking at the servers and White Seal’s orange bar was slowly progressing. Like .. .. .. .. .. .. .. so slow but you could see it. Ahhh kids are home from school. And directly the the computer, not a good sign. Kids remember, do your homework first!! I do. Imma good student :mrgreen:

The ‘baby girl’ costume looks like its carrying a bottle of mustard. Weird.

I like the ‘true artist’s’ hair. Isn’t that one of the MVP/Rookie’s hair? I remember an orange&blue statue…



Comment any thoughts!

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