To prove…

Hey ppl! Well, some ppl say fantage japan changed the link. They DID NOT.


Proper proof. I can go on it so they didn’t change the link. Are you ppl happy with your proof? Later I can give you more proof.

*Don’t get offened by this post. I’m just saying that fj didn’t change the link. There are lots of ppl that think they did. So I’m just telling the truth. They probably blocked it from American computers.*

If you want, go and make a Fantage Europe. If you can’t, I can. I’m from the UK, which is in Europe. Fantage Europe is as fun as Fantage Japan, so go make one.Β  Now you don’t have to waste your time asking: How do get a Fantage Japan?

It is very simple.

Bye ppl!!!!

From candy


8 thoughts on “To prove…

  1. Uh-huh! Works for me to! It does not works for Americans, I think it works for Asia, Europe Africa (All continents except North and South America =P )
    One problem in Fantage Japan—
    How’re we supposed to know what theme? haha! πŸ˜€

  2. 😦 i wish my FJ was working but it always freezes (well not freezes but never finishes loading) when i try and sign in when it opens a new tab. My FJ is hellokitty0920. it was supposed to be hellokitty0910,(my DW user) but when i was typing, my finger slipped and i didnt notice until it said what it was πŸ˜› . Well at least i have one πŸ™‚

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