I’m sorry I haven’t been posting or on at all. My Internet hasn’t been working, then my anti-virus expired so I can’t go on my laptop, Fantage, or my blog. I’ll be back to posting as soon as I can. I’m posting thus just so you guys know. Thanks workers for posting:). Oh and Happy early-Birthday candy!(It is your birthday the sixth, right?). Also, I’m going to remove the Chat, temporarily. I’ve gotten a complaint of profanity and don’t want to offend anyone so it will be momentarily removed. Candy, could you please move the chat widget to the Inactive widgets? I think you have the power to do that. Other than that, so sorry again! I’ve been missing a lot I’m assuming.


2 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. I had the same event “sorry” and I do the same with ~bliss, just not bliss its ~ cause its my signature. But anyway I need your help please visit I have a very important message for you!Go 2^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ At Dec. 10th at 7:30 p.m. Well you live in UK, and I live in U.S. So I don’t know. Just go there if your not there i’ll come here. THANKS! ~

    bliss~I don’t live in the UK…I live in the U.S.

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