Fantage News

Fantage got a new home-page look and a new Mom’s something badge.

Fantage has gotten *wintery*.

New invite-a-friend medal. Anyone want me to invite them? Lol doubt it.

New Premium Monthly items…it’s a baseball cap I think.

Stella’s got a sister? Cousin?

Face paint and make-up is now out. In my opinion, its stupid. Fantage doesn’t know what to do. Nice role-model Fantage. Make little girls want to wear make-up prematurely and then when they’re older, they’ll have bags under they’re eyes and droopy lips. Oh and extra wrinkles. Plus most of the make-up out there is tested on animals. Not your best idea. And they make them look like clowns, which is pretty hilarious… lol. All the members are now clowns.

New Arrivals. Black&White board for nons…Fantage please get more creative, we would appreciate that. Teal shirt and pants. Hair is nothing new. Short and ugly. Gee, thanks.


P.S. I’m gonna TRY to post. My laptop still won’t get internet. I’m using my dinosaur of a COMPUTER. So slow and takes forever to start up. All well, I don’t wanna disappoint anyone and would hate for my blog to die out. So I’ll try to post now. Hopefully my laptop will get fixed…soon. Sorry I can’t respond to comments right now or my e-mail. Chat box is only available through the Chat page. It will be brought back to the sidebar when my laptop gets fixed so I can moderate it.

I saw The Diary of Anne Frank THE MOVIE. I know what I want for Christmas:D What do YOU want, children?

I tried on the mittens…I’m still wearing them out of the store. Are they for members? I didn’t buy them…


2 thoughts on “Fantage News

  1. hey its been a long time since you posted… and i agree with u on the makeup/face paint.

    candy~ i know… I’ve been really busy

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