is the worst. I’m sorry, but it sucks. It’s so lame. The people look really creepy. Once again, “fudgyswirl” is “inappropriate”. It’s way too realistic. Horrible graphics. It’s got hairstyles like “the kullen” lame much? The only good thing about it is that it’s associated with Dizzywood. That’s it. Confusing and how the heck do you log out??



7 thoughts on “SecretBuilders…

  1. Bliss wat have u written?

    i cant make head and tail in this post

    candy~Dizzywood has shut down. But dizzywood said that you can use your dizzywood account to play on SecretBuilders. Bliss is saying that SecretBuilders isn’t that a good game. =D

  2. after i ran out of money.. i gave my user to my sis.. cuz it was mant for the youner age group ad she liked it .-.

    bliss~Lol. I didn’t get it at all. It was like Facebook/fantage/dizzywood/plain weird.

  3. Bliss- I think Secret Builders SUXS but Dizzywood idk neva tried it and i your blog REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY helped!!! thanks lots! I ♥ Blissswirls Blog and cheats!

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