Hey ppl! Candy here. Well, in January, I will be a premuim member. Apparantly, I have been ‘good’ for the whole year. So, yay!! But, I’m not going to be a show off, like some premuim members. But there are loads of premuim members that are very kind.

Have you seen the price of the Lumo Suits?! They are 9,000 stars! I don’t have enough, by far.

I’ve started drawing foods. You want to see? Ok.

They aren’t that good, but I’m not an artist.

My favourite is the ice cream because I added shade to it. =P

For bliss: Yesterday, I had to go but my laptop was writing funny letters, so I couldn’t say that I had to go. =P

Bye ppl!



7 thoughts on “News!!!

  1. For how many months are u going to be a member candy?

    candy-I don’t know. Mabye I’m going to have it renewed monthly? But I really don’t know.

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