New Year’s Bash! Day 1 Cheats

K go Downtown to get your New Year’s Party Hat! And other 2011 accessories!

First year they don’t give non-members the glasses too. I didn’t get them last year:/

Next, click Elizabeth(Downtown in the limo).

Volunteer to help Elizabeth decorate.

I totally missed the slide show, my laptop isn’t that fast lol.

Here are where the items are:


You can get the Glow Stick and the Snazzy New Year’s Gown*




One thought on “New Year’s Bash! Day 1 Cheats

  1. o.o they didnt give out non glasses last year O.O i think they did cuz i have them .. @ the end of 2008 they gave everyhting out for nons 😀

    bliss~So…they did? Cuz I always see people walking around with them. Err–hovering. Hovering…

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