Happy Birthday, Blog!

Turned ~3 years today:)

Thank you to everyone who has visited, whether to spam me or not. I appreciate it ♥.

Here I’m gonna post some quicky stuff just to let you know more about my blog.

Kay, here they are!

52,393+ Views

2,061 Views on Dec. 23, my busiest day.

My best month: September 2010, 10,699 views total.

My lowest month: April, 2009, 206 views total.

557 Posts


13 Subscriptions

3,315 Spam Comments

42 Pages

8 Current Workers

Thank you, Rose

For helping me start out my blog.

Thank you, Ami

Helping me with my blog, my stupid questions:P

Thank you, Peace

For being a great friend. You are missed:’)

Thank you, xxCastawayxx

For being my buddy, letting me work on your blog, and for helping me with mine.

You guys were really awesome and so nice with me when I was first starting out:)

Thank you, greenday26

For helping me. RECYCLE

Thank you, Meryl

For helping me PIE

Thank you, candyfloss45

For helping me. FLOSS FOREVER

Thank you, TaylorSwiftFan

For helping me. MEHNDI

Thank you, AustinPowers

For helping me. MOO

Thank you, maplewood425

For helping me. WAFFLES o.o

Thank you, slushiebear

For helping me. SUSHIBAR


Just thought I should thank you for helping me out. And the random word/names are inside jokes, memories, etc.

Thank you all, I really appreciate it and I hope my blog can continue to grow and hopefully live many more years on.


P.S. How could I forget? Thank you, guys. Yes you, the viewers. Without you, my blog would be nothing. Well and of course WordPress ;). But no seriously thank you so much for visiting and giving me this wonderful experience.


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog!

    • Well I’ve had it a while and I guess I just post interesting stuff? People know about it. I used to advertise a lot… and I mean A LOT. I would go to like every Dizzywood blog and go to the “advertise” page and advertise :mrgreen:.

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