Hmm I just about flipped out a minute ago. I was changing the look of my person, and was looking through my boards. This is what I saw:

And I was wearing all purple so I was like, ‘Hey, where’s my sleek purple board from the Holiday party?’ so I was getting kinda nervous cuz I couldn’t find it. I glanced over my boards and was like, ‘OMG what the fizz??’ I was just about to file a report to Fantage when I realized it was right there…. so now I”m feeling pretty stupid.

Have you noticed that Vintage Classics always opens up to the Costumes page? It always does for me.

So what do you guys want for Christmas? Yes, I know it’s a little early. But Christmas is just around the corner! I had a chocolate chip piece of bread that I found on the counter…I bit it. It tasted like raisins. Not good. The green haired lady sticker’s kinda creepy. Did you know you can buy more than one sticker at a time now? I didn’t. I just found out right now. Hmm cool. But I don’t think I’ll be buying  20 of the green haired lady stickers. No, green hair is not the best type of hair. RAINBOW HAIR ALL THE WAY!!! I like dragons cuz they spit out fire and eat cows…whole.

So are YOU ready for the zombie apocalypse?


Yes, I did have some chocolate before typing this.

I like red starbursts.

No, YOU have all the rare items. YOU try a different gem combination.


12 thoughts on “Flip.

  1. o.o i was looking at the blogs’ header, in the top left corner.. the… thing looked like a flamethrower shooting out rainbow flames C: then i realized it was a party popper/sparkler..

  2. Lol. It’s my lame attempt at one of those party blowers x) A flamethrower’s not a bad idea for my next one.
    I’m surprised. No one’s said anything about the random mustache in the header.

  3. umm how do u get the black board with red, yellow blue and green stripes
    on it?? I swear I have it… but I can’t find it??? or I mistaken it a different board, please answer

    maplewood425: you GOT (ahem, past-tense, no longer available) the non-member dance party board (the one you were describing) at the end of summer2009/end of august 2009. if you cant find it…. ehhh… look harder? ._. …

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