A little story.

Hey ppl! I want to tell you a story. It happened to me on Friday. (Real life)

Me=Lucy  Girl 1=Gemma   Boy 1= Adam    Boy 2= Richie

Lucy: Look Gemma, this is how you do it.

Gemma: Oh, I get it now.

Adam: I don’t get it!! Help me, Gemma. You have to, Miss put us together.

Gemma: I don’t. Do it yourself.

Richie: Hey Lucy! I don’t get it! Help.

Lucy: I’ll tell you what you need to do. Add up the angles and take it away from 180.

Richie: Ok. Thanks.

Adam: (Sneaks over to look at my work) Thanks Lucy!

Lucy: Hey! Go away and do your own work! Ugh!

Adam: (Looks at Gemma’s work) Thanks Gemma!

Gemma:Do your own work before I slap you.

Adam: Well, help me! I’m your partner!(To Gemma)

Lucy: Eww! That sounds wrong! (Remember, we are 10-11 year olds)

Gemma: Oh hush up.

Lucy: You irritate me.

Richie: That does kinda sound wrong, you know.

*5 mins later, when we are on question 7-11*

Richie: I don’t get it. You have to help me, you’re my partner. (To me)

Lucy: Just shut up, or I won’t tell you what to do.

Gemma: Now whose partner sounds wrong?

Lucy: Leave me alone.

*We do our work and go back to class*

This is all true. I’m not lying. I’ll see if i can put the cheats up later. Bye ppl!


(These aren’t their real names, of course. It is funnier in real life.)


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