My Gravatars

Recently, like a couple months ago WordPress released the Gravatar Hovercard. I like it it shows your bio or part of it[if it’s long] and some personal links. I think it’s really cool cuz you can find more about the person who commented.

Well I clicked someone’s Gravatar Hovercard and went to the Gravatar site. It enlarged the picture and showed everything in the bio, links, other pics, etc. Then near the top it says, ‘Howdy, ♥bliss!’ then it said ‘My Account’ and ‘Manage my Gravatars’. Well it showed ALL my Gravatars from the very beginning since WordPress :’) Here they are♥:

Oh how I’ve changed :’) ‘The only thing that doesn’t change…is change itself.’

~bliss[Not ‘blidd’ I first wrote that lol]

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