How to Make a Fantage Repixel/Recolor

K some people have been having trouble making a repixel or recolor whatever lol. So I decided to make yet another post.

Here goes!

Go to where you want to take your pic.

Now take a screenshot. Laptop: [fn] + [prt sc] Computer: [ctrl] + [prt sc]

Now open up Paint. [Windows]

Click Edit>Paste.

Now your screenshot with your Fantagian should show up.

You can crop it before or after you start repixeling. Here’s how to Crop it.

Select that then drag it over the area you want to be your whole picture. Now right click over the selected region and click Crop.

Okay now go to View>Zoom>800%

Move the picture using the bottom and left scrolls to center it where you can see it easily and edit.

Now, you can use the default colors from Fantage or use the colors in the background.

Let’s say this is the picture you want to recolor:

You could ‘steal’ colors from your own clothes and put them on another clothing item or use the background colors.

To ‘steal’ colors you need to use the little dropper tool.

Now select a color. Now change it into the bucket[by clicking the paint bucket icon]. Now color it in where and as you wish.

When you’re done recoloring/repixeling/whatever click Save as and switch it from .jpg to .png

You’re done!


5 thoughts on “How to Make a Fantage Repixel/Recolor

  1. how do u get it to save so it can really be on fantage thats what i whant to know?

    bliss~You can’t do that. It’s all just photo editing. Like drawing on a photograph.

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