I feel so glum o.o

Hey ppl! It’s candy!! Yup, I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m still on fantage. Unfair, right? I wanted to say that I can’t post, go on fantage, go on fantage forum, or most other stuff for a while. It’s because we are practising for SATs and getting massive amounts of homework. Here is a way to spell because.







Elephants.  Now I’m done.

My friend Casey* taught me. And the whole class, in year 2. I always use it. On fantage, there was a limited item sale that featured a mermaid and merman. We also started Booster clubs, which means that from Tuesday-Friday, you stay in after school, until 4:30. An hour of things. Tue=Writing, Wed=Maths, Thurs=Reading and Fri= Homework club. The good thing about it is that we get 15 mins extra break and we can bring in a snack. The really bad thing is that we have to come in for 3 weeks of the holiday! That feels like missing EastEnders. (You probably don’t watch it, so forget it. =D)

Ok, it’s like missing a programme that you love. Like Glee, if you like it.

Bye ppl!



Comment any thoughts!

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