1) Click on this link—


2) log into your fantage user

3) scroll down, to where the pointer is so you can go to the next page of sevrers. you should see something that said ‘Congratulations, you’ve recieved 1000 free stars from our newsletter’

Ta-daaaaa! LIMITED TIME.




16 thoughts on “1000 FREE STARS! LIMITED TIME ONLY

  1. It didn’t work 😦 please help why???

    bliss~Is it because you can’t log in? For that you can try using another web browser. That was the problem with me. If not, I don’t know lol.

  2. i like the cake part lol i dont like fake cupcakes ether

    bliss~The cake part is really a muffin…isn’t it? I thought it was real o.o

  3. Yew guys are making me hungry! You owe me two Cupcakes each now! xD

    bliss~Rofl. I’m on the WordPress App, and it says this comment was posted at Feb 2 2:27, 2011. Technically, you come from the future since it’s 11am for me o.o

  4. i like muffins the best type of muffins r the ones that r chocolate with chocolate chips in the muffin

    bliss~Lol yes. I bought a Dutch muffin once, and it was exactly that: so good.

  5. Mmm good muffins oh hey bliss i heard the creator of owl city was ether adam young or adam west im not shure r u ? i like BAKED GOODS

    bliss~Of course I know! It’s Adam YOUNG(:

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