I heart you, Fantage

Fantage, will you be my valentine? :3

Fantage fixed my IDFone. I had recently bought a new wallpaper[I figured with the 300 ecoins, I might as well spend them on something worthwhile that’ll last for like EVER lol] and there was a problem, my level wouldn’t show up. The background was white right where my white level number was. Well I contacted Fantage and they thanked me for bringing this up, and they fixed it! I thought they were just gonna like outline it, but they made it all glowy!

It looks way cooler now.

Ahaha Fantage is soo nice! Thank you so much, Fantage! I love how Fantage listens to our problems and fixes them(:




7 thoughts on “I heart you, Fantage

  1. ooooo. Its like a rainbow background! I just changed mine to rainbows.According to my math teacher, UNICORNS POO RAINBOWS!

    bliss~That’s quite a math teacher lol. Rainbows are awesome. I was gonna get the rainbowy bubbly sticker page, but it looked all gross. It was all orange and yellow and red and it kinda made me want to barf. Lol so I got..I can’t even remember x)

  2. i got the rainbow idf phone

    bliss~Lol rainbows are popular. I got the wallpaper, and swirly sticker page. And a swirly moodie. :mrgreen: I like swirly stuff.

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