Yeah that’s right. Packers won! I bet you can’t even imagine the joy I’m going through right now. Everyone was like, “Steelers are gonna pummel the Packers.” and I was all like, “YOU WISH! STEELERS ARE GOING DOWNNNNN!”

And yup, I was right:D



“Can I have some Doritos?” “I already finished them.” “Nuh-uh you left the best part.” “Wha-” *Licks finger* “Mmm. Cheeeese.”

“It’s a blonde.” “It’s a red head!” “It’s a teacher!”

Oh yeah and I also joined Fantage Forum.




12 thoughts on “YEAH!

    • This post is about the Super Bowl. It is a sporting event that takes place in Late January/Early February. Football teams go against each other and the winners move up, until only two teams are left. Those two teams go to the Super Bowl and play for the world title. It is a worldwide shown event that has the most expensive commercials(and hilarious). This year it was between the Steelers and Packers. I went for the Packers and THEY WON!! WOOOOT! Lol sorry there, still hyped. Football is taken very seriously here lol. Well, mostly.(I was the only one that wanted to watch it everyone was like Who cares?? lol) And a lot of people make bets on who will win. The quoting at the end was from a few funny commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. Commercials that air during the Super Bowl cost about $3 mil. so those companies try to make GREAT and HILARIOUS commercials, these commercials are commonly quoted during the following day(s).

      I hope that answered your question lol.

  1. im not much of a sports fan i just like half time woot half time ! yayz

    bliss~Pssh. Half-time’s okay. The game is where it’s at!!

  2. Football (soccer to you) is taken seriously over here. Lol everyone was laughing at those people that support Man U (Manchester United) because Man U lost to Wolves and Man U should be the best because they are at the top of the table.
    Your answer kinda answered my question, but I guess I will never understand American Football or Rugby. I guess Rugby is kinda related to American Football, but they are way different.
    I really need to stop or I’m going to be late for school.

    • The Boys in my Class are INSANE About Football, Man U, Messie Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo etc… I think alittle more than I like Taylor Swift, Harry Potter (And now Owl City and Sky Sailing)
      @Bliss I don’t know how, But you made Adam Young my Second (part first xD) Favourite singer xD

      bliss~Because Owl City is AWESOME. You can’t not love him lol.

  3. off topic but do you watch basketball bliss if you do whats your favorite team?Mine is the Lakers!

    bliss~Lol no. This year’s Super Bowl is the first football game I’ve ever seen, and it was AWESOME. I haven’t seen any basketball. Also, last year I saw my first soccer game, which was the World Cup lol. I only watch/like the big games.

  4. Very bad bliss
    I made u a worker and u said u cant post because u dont have time . But i see that u have time for ur posts. If u think u when u r writing a post in a blog and wants to make that same post in another blog, JUST copy the html and paste it in the other blog. So simple .

    bliss~Yes, it’s simple but I absolutely hate doing that. I feel like I just copied my own work and credited it to another site. And after I’ve posted on my blog(because frankly, my blog is more important to me) I can’t think of anything else that’s useful to post anywhere else. So I don’t know what to do, and I end up not posting:/

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