Fantage Ice Cream Madness Cheats

You know that ice cream game that’s going on? Here’s a simple way to win.

Go under the bucket with the most people that yell it’s flavor.


MINT vs. Chocolate and STRAWBERRY vs. Banana < Those are the most popular 😆

Also, after you’ve chosen, move to the side.



7 thoughts on “Fantage Ice Cream Madness Cheats

  1. ok so u go into a the server with the least ppl then go in a spot where the tubs always go it stand there minimize it and leave it and do something els MOST OF THE TIME u will be the only person there so u dont have to worry about anyone els
    WARNING:dont do this for longer than 15 minutes coz then it comes up with this thing saying inactivity in15 minutes so u have to logg out then back in
    hope this helps!:)

    bliss~I would assume they would be filled with people since it’s temporary and an event.

  2. some only have a couple of ppl coz u go in a server WITH PRACTICLY ANYONE IN IT

    bliss~During parties, they’re especially filled with more people than before, because everyone tries to do your cheat lol.

  3. lol yea proberly
    but if u did it at the start like i did, not much ppl were there.
    i guess now everybody knows it but everyone stands in the same spot where the paint always goes and just leave the computer for like 10 minutes,it still works coz everyone does the same thing
    theres only like 4 or 5 ppl there anyway and theres lots of other servers that no one els goes in

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