New Invite-A-Friend Medals


I think it’s bad what Fantage is doing. If you look at the Comet, you can see all these details of the Valentine’s Day Party, and new users must be like *face palm* Darn! I knew I should’ve registered earlier!:|


4 thoughts on “New Invite-A-Friend Medals

  1. You know how long it took me to get de angel costume?1 whole hour and last night!Got over 100,000 cuz of de other 2 costumes!Man i was mad!

    bliss~You don’t have to get them… Lol your user’s gonna be really rare. Sell it in a few years ;P lol.

  2. That would be like barley missing the beta party!

    bliss~I think I actually did have a beta… I had it a few months before making my site and when I made my blissswirl account I thought the IDFones were really weird cuz I was used to the old small ones. Lol tell that to maple. She had one, got hacked, then made another one like one month after the beta phase was over.

  3. I remmeber the tiny ones!! and then they’re weren’t even stickers then. and like the highest level was like 80 i think x)

    bliss~Lol I remember I accidentally clicked someone’s avatar and then this ‘cellphone’ popped up and I was like, WHAT IS THIS?? Then I scrolled through some fantage blog and found pictures of the old ones that I was used to.

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