New Furn. & New Rankings!

New Comet!


Grrr. This better not be what I think it is…

Well, I guess this day had to come. Now even more with Vintage Classics, nothing is ‘classic’ anymore. I guess it’s better for the newer members… but a total shock to everyone who had it before!! Lol. It seems unfair to older people, and totally fair to newer people. There’s no helping it… good bye ‘rare’ wizard costume.



6 thoughts on “New Furn. & New Rankings!

  1. Bliss, your totally right! But being on the side that hasn’t gotten that before, I WANT IT! Sorry tho. Like with that candy board from last last christmas. GRR now its in the vintage shop

    bliss~Lol yes. It’s hard to choose what side you’re on… you want old stuff, but you don’t want other people to have it. Humans are selfish, and I hate that >.<

  2. Well I am in between because I am not super old on fantage but way past a noob!I felt like how you felt when i played club penguin and they brought out old rare items.

    bliss~Noob. Newb. N00b. Lol that’s a funny word.

  3. OH MY GOD RAINBOWS!!!! And theres gonna be a cookie HOUSE. πŸ˜€ And I think the magicians costume was the one from Feb. ’10… o-o Great, an old item that was priced at 1000 stars now for 3 black diamonds probably. -.-

  4. The brought the bear cub mission back, and I GOT MY WORDPRESS BACK πŸ˜€ but it was creepy when some guy emailed me with it O.O that scared me Dx

    bliss~That’s weird…why would someone hack you just to give it back later?

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