The Missing Bear Cub Mission Cheats

New mission!(Brought back)

Go to the right side of the Forest(Near the Grotto, beneath the Bubble Bug sign)

What’s wrong little guy?

That’s horrible, let me find you something.

I think I can find you some apples and cake and stuff.

Ok, I’ll find you some fish, how much do you need?

Okay 25 fish, I’ll get right on that.

Go to the Creature Arena.

Play Bobo Fish until you get 25 fish.(a little after Level 2 begins)

Go back to the Bear.

Glad to help!

Click him again. Sure what can I do to help?

What happened to them?

I’ll find your parents, don’t worry.

Go to Mt. Fantage.

Follow the tracks.

Click the poor, sobbing bear.

What happened to you?

The door is locked, how can I get you out?

Where can I find the keys?

Where is the first key?>Where can I find the other keys?

Where is the second key? Crowded areas.

Where is the third key? That’s odd, I’ll go find it.

Go to the Beach.

Click the pirate to the left, in the water.

Challenge him, beat him.

Whooot! Now go to Downtown. Click the guy in front of Stellar Salon.

Do you know anything about a key?

I need the keys to free the bears!

Tell me about this game…

I think they end up where they first started… not sure. (HINT HINT;)

Now go to the Carnival.

Click the Clown Lady in front of the Face Paints booth.

Can I have the key for the bear cage?

So I can save the bears and reunite them with their baby!

I don’t have time for games!

I accept, prepare for destruction! Simon says;P(If you have trouble, open up a notepad and type the order as you see the lady doing them. Ex: W J C JW)

Go back to the bear cage.

“Cheese it!’ Rofl xD.

Click the Yeti.

Let’s team up, I’m after him too!

Let’s get him!

Move AWAY from the exploding boxes lol.


This was just too cute… and sad. I couldn’t resist not making this.
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9 thoughts on “The Missing Bear Cub Mission Cheats

  1. How come he wasn’t hungry? How come when i finished the game/mission i got the medal but when i looked in my medal page thing, it wasn’t there! πŸ˜₯ it’s soooo sad 😦

    bliss~It should be there… though it’s only visible to other people if you’re a member.

  2. It’s President Day?
    Abraham Lincoln is (Thought I only know what he looks likes) the coolest and awesomest President ever xP
    I like his Beard…

    bliss~You just reminded me of Ke$ha(Your Love is My Drug). I like his top hat:P

    • I reminded me of Ke$ha myself πŸ˜€ I love that song, it used to be my favourite and now I know the Lyrics xP
      I like his Hat AND his Beard xD That’s what makes him cool xD But I searched uP Abraham Lincoln four scores and seven years ago (JK xD, I searched him up yesterday) and he was’nt wearing his hat in any o: So I had to type in “Abraham Lincoln Hat” xD

      Four Scores and Seven Years ago… Lol sorry I like that line πŸ˜€

      bliss~That’s from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Lol I just searched him up plain: no hat. I tried with ‘hat’ and wooot! There it is!

  3. lol ur new back round makes me dizzy but any way this game isent new it was let out three years ago but it had viruses gliches exetera so thay had to fix it it use to be 30 fish too but thay changed it ive beeen of fantage for a long time lol

    bliss~That’s why in the beginning it says brought back or something.

  4. Gosh do I remeber when this came out.. it was like the second mission(or third o-o) and everyone was frustrated.. they were all freaking out “How do I get (insert something here).. or HOW DO I GET PAST (insert something here)” it was amazingly hilarious x)

    bliss~I don’t remember much. I basically hated Fantage cuz it was no Dizzywood lol.(I thought Dizzywood had a virus, so I couldn’t go on it anymore. Therefore, terribly bored I searched up another kids’ site and found Fantage. I was like, WHY ARE THEY ON HOVERBOARDS? Weirdos; can’t they walk?)

  5. I’m not sure if I already said this but nice Background xD
    Lulz, I forgot the Background can move I’m like “How the White Chocolate did you get you background to move?” πŸ˜€
    White chocolate is goooood…

    bliss~I’ve never had white chocolate before. Waffernousse.

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