Fantage Springtime Flower Hunt Cheats

Go Uptown/Downtown and click the farmers.

Where kids make a splash…Beach.[in front of splash]

Near a pink starfish…Lighthouse.

Near a frozen bush…Mt. Fantage.[to the right]

Near a ripened red cherry…Carnival.[near face paints]

MAGICAL rooftops…Wizard’s Domain.[in front of candy swap]

Near a hidden pond…Pet Town.[to the left]

Near as ski lift…Mt. Fantage.[to the right]

Near fish ponds…Creature Area.[in front of Bobo Fish]

Atop an enchanted tree…The Forest[in front of the Grotto]

Near a fire hydrant….Carnival.[near face paints]

The sound of cannons…Castle[outside to the left]

Near a beachball…The Beach.[near sunblock to the right]

Near an archway…Creature Area[right of the Creature Shop]

Beneath an orange and white umbrella…Lighthouse.

Near a red barn…Pet Town.[in front of the Pet Barn]

Fly Swatter/Sticker


IN NO WAY MAY YOU COPY THIS. Copying will result in PLAGIARISM, which is ILLEGAL, and your site will be TERMINATED. Sorry, I worked too hard for someone to just come and copy these.

4 thoughts on “Fantage Springtime Flower Hunt Cheats

  1. i agree fully! you worked hard to found these up and people just come and copy it to their sites and i thought its very unfair for you!
    by the way, thank you very much your site is very helpful..

    bliss~AT LEAST two sites have already copied me -.- And thanks, I try my best:)

  2. welcome! by the way can you please tell us helps about the next mega hunt?? thanks if you could!

    bliss~Maple posted them and so did I.

  3. Hey Bliss I re post my blog i change it and make it my own word go on it and u will see i change it both

    maplewood425: its still pretty much the same wording. you just took words out;i’m pretty sure that doesn’t count >.<

    bliss~I don’t see the pages anymore so I think you got rid of them. And yes, rewording them, you would AT LEAST have to give a link to my site FULLY crediting the original author otherwise it’s plagiarism.

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