You Are Warned

Anyone who has copied the cheats below needs to get rid of them. I worked hard to post these and you may not copy them and post them as your own. If you didn’t know, that is known as PLAGIARISM. That is ILLEGAL. Your blog WILL be reported and deleted if you do not get rid of them. Even if they do say, ‘credit to blissswirl’ or whatever, I never gave my permission to ANYONE to copy them. So, anything that you copied from me needs to be deleted or I WILL report you. I’ve seen AT LEAST two blogs that have already copied me. If anyone sees one who has copied me, please let me know or at least warn them. NO ONE may copy these cheats. If you continue or do not get rid of them, they will be reported and most likely, your blog will be deleted. Thanks and I hope you cooperate.


26 thoughts on “You Are Warned

  1. i am soo disappointed in this person cuz i thought she was my friend….. 😦 😥 I hope u report 🙂

    bliss~I don’t, I hope they get rid of them and do their own work so they learn.

  2. Bleeeehhhhhhhh. This is Frosty and Meg all over again. (inside joke. xP)

    bliss~I heard of that. Well, it seems my plagiarists are cooperating so that’s good.

  3. I’m sorry!!! i’ll delete them right away. Sorry Bliss 😦

    bliss~I can’t access your blog, so I don’t know if you took them down.

  4. when i made this blog that is 3 months ago i cpied ur pics because that time i did not know how to do screenshots. and i dont know whther i copied two of ur PICS i never copy ur writing

    bliss~Pictures, writing, any type of media that is copied is still plagiarism, unless you credit the original user. I think I hovered over them and they were still linked to my blog so it’s okay.(Thank you WordPress for linking pictures lol)

  5. Wow, that is so evil. I cannot believe that website stole the cheats from you. This is the only Fantage site I use to help me with stuff on Fantage! Go Blissswirl!

  6. but sorry im not going to take them down. im not the only one who knows about the cheats now. they are almost done and they are completely different from yours

  7. Ok they are all changed so they are not like yours. again im really sorry for copying, i wont do it again. i hope you can forgive me,


  8. omg bliss it may have looked like i copied you but i didnt because i found the treasure hunt places by myself. and i just got a blog sooo i can barely figure out anything. im so sorry if it looked like i copied you cuz i went on my blog first and posted the cheats then i went to see what was new on your. soo soo sorry again.

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