Fantage Springtime Mega Hunt Cheats

Fantage Springtime Mega Hunt Cheats:

Go Uptown/Downtown and click on the farmers.

Near a newsroom…Mt. Fantage.[to the left]

Near a dog bone next a shop…Pet Town.[in front of the Pet Shop]

Near a beehive…Wizard’s Domain.[to the right]

Near a skateboarding game…The Carnival.[in front of Rocket Board]

Next to a purple happy face balloon…outside The Castle.[to the left]

Atop the creature shop…The Creature Shop.[on top of it]

Where there’s a windmill…Pet Town.[to the left]

Near a purple and white lamp post…Wizard’s Domain[to the left]

Where you shop for pet supplies…Pet Town.[in front of the Pet Shop]

Underneath a palm tree…The Beach.[katy perry lol inside joke, if you read katy perry’s twitter bio:P]

Where a golden cat sits regally perched…Pet Town.

Where a giant ice cream cone sits…The Carnival.

With a safety tube  may be the key…The Lighthouse.

Where you play a game of basketball…The Carnival[to the right]

Play a game using boxes…Mt. Fantage.[in front of Boxy]

Bumblebee Accessory/Sticker










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