Unicorn’s Poo

After finding over 45 bugs and flowers, we get a sticker with unicorns poo on it. How thoughtfull of you fantage.


15 thoughts on “Unicorn’s Poo

  1. Yeah.. kinda hoped for a really rare item. :C Oh well. Um, well the err, um, sticker is ANIMATED! Oh it doesn’t help does it. Cx And yes, I agree Unicorn’s POOO! Cx Unicorn powerC;

    bliss~I was expecting something like a board for members.

  2. I mean yeah seriously??!!!! the day 4 prize…youd think it’d be something COOL at least!!! i thought it would be a prize you couldnt get anywhere else!! well you cant get that sticker anywhere else but youd think it would be something better! fantage said we could “UNLOCK day 4 prize on monday!!” ooh. GAH!! its IRRITATING!!!

  3. lol in my world every1 is a unicorn who eats butterflies and poops out rainbows c: TeeHeeHee!!!!! srry i saw that in horton hears a who :mrgreen:

  4. Where is the unicorn’s poo? Sorry 4 being ignorant or anything like that but i dunno whatu meant when u said unicorn’s poo..please reply and tell moi! TY!

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