Basketball Event


ALSO- New Arrivals: at Le Shop and Stellar Salon. And might I say, these new items aren’t half-bad. They’re really cute(the clothes, that is.) The hair is nothing new, not even the name. It’s Nutty Brown(for girls) and there was already a hairpiece called Nutty Brown HAIR. Wow, Fantage. Getting rid of a work, how creative.


11 thoughts on “Basketball Event

  1. The boys hair is the same as another one that’s a members hair but i like it.I don’t really like the clothes though.It is like they don’t take time fore the non members. 😦

    bliss~Fantage is lazy when it comes to non-member items.

  2. I agree. Except the ski goggles look like the ones from the Back to School party 2009. o.o And the girls’ hair is one from a costume. They obviously don’t take time for anyone. They’ve clearly run out of ideas.

    bliss~They don’t seem to run out of ideas for members. Hmm, favoritism, Fantage?

  3. ikr arnt they supposed to have a lot of workers thinking of new ideas?

    bliss~I think they should actually USE some of the Fan Art(they used to…).

  4. Actually, they only have about 22 MAIN workers. The other staff members are the ones that deal with membership/ecoin/money, etc. Ive been playing for almost 3 years.. I know wayyyy too much stuff. >.<

    bliss~Lol. Looks like they’re more interested in the money than the enjoyment and entertainment.

  5. i really think that fantage should keep its basketball hair! i mean seriously its driving me crazy when everyone is saying a want bb hair i mean seriously?!?!??!?! i don’t even want it thoough cuz itz too popular and i like stuff one of a kind then showing it off so i like to MAKE stuff popular. its no big deal but just keep the bb hair FANTAGE!

    • I don’t agree AT ALL. If they keep the bb hair, it won’t be popular and rare anymore. THAT’S THE POINT OF TAKING IT AWAY .-. Btw, didn’t you just say u don’t even want it because its too popular and u like stuff one of a kind than showing it off? You like to MAKE stuff popular? Well bb hair is popular and u don’t like it =-= SCREW YOU GABRIELA ALLEMANA! GO

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