Fantage Buzzer Beater Info

Get in your track suits!

How to Beat Buzzer Beater

Click your person’s head right in the middle.

Now fling your mouse(virtually, of course.) so that it goes to the left curving slightly towards the ground.

KEEP GOING WITH YOUR MOUSE. Do not stop until it like, goes off the screen.

Tip:If this doesn’t work for you, find your own ways. It depends on your mouse-ing skills :]





4 thoughts on “Fantage Buzzer Beater Info

  1. Wait, is that a real shirt??!!

    bliss~Yes. (Gosh why doesn’t anyone know??) At the Wizard’s Domain new rares came out yesterday.

  2. Lol. I really ignore gem items now(unless there are items used with sapphires o.o) Poo on black diamonds >.<

    bliss~Well…they are black…dirty diamonds.

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