Basketball FAIL

Lol.  A unicorn made poo in my house. This new basketball event has started, so all wee need to do is get 31+ points for an item. It wont give you anything(but a sticker) if you get only 30. I have a youtube channel… so go SUB MAPLEWOOD425! And Im gonna post a random pic of my inventory is and how tiny the scroll bar is o.o



6 thoughts on “Basketball FAIL

  1. This is my favorite event!I love basketball.I just wish i was a member so i could get the basketball items.

    bliss~Wizard Event was epic. I doubt Fantage will come out with a better event with items for non-members again. (That aren’t stickers)

  2. oh i remember the wizard event it was epic.That was back when i was a noob.

    bliss~Wizard Event- Best. Event. Ever. I was an epic noob at the time ;D

  3. I remember the Wizard Event 😀 Also a noob lol xD But I loved the items 😀

    bliss~The items are why it’s so awesome. It’s why it’s my favorite event ever. Sparkly wands, capes, hats, and a little bear appears when you do an action.

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