Hewwo! Lol Since this Post has nothing to with Let me put a Picture of an Unfinished re-colour for my header xP

She’s going to be all Green because Green is the colour of Pakistan ^^

Now Who is Afridi you ask?

Because of him we won 3 cricket Matches! We won against CANADA! Because of his Briliant Balling!
Okay I gtg go Swimming… BYE!
P.S Boom Boom Afridi :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “GOOO AFRIDI!

    • Cricket is a sport. Where one team is Batting and one it Balling. Batting is when you hit the Baller’s ball with a bat. If the ball hit’s the long white thing behind the batter (Wicket) The Batter’s out and a new batter comes from the same team. A baller just has to throw the ball and try and hit that Wicket.
      That’s the Game Cricket. So Cricket MATCHES are when one country plays against another.

Comment any thoughts!

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